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Bird watching trek || Discover the Dutch Fort || Dolphin & whale watching boat cruises || Leopard Safari || Elephant Safari || Visit elephant transit home

Route: Airport/Sinharaja Drive: four hours

At the airport you will be greeted by your chauffeur guide who will take you to your residence for the next two nights – Rainforest Edge. Relish the journey as you drive by the natural turquoise waves, pass villages as locals go about their daily lives and more. Once at the comforts of your eco-friendly hotel, relax and recover from any jet lag before embarking on a truly exotic and exciting Sri Lanka safari.


Route: Sinharaja Trek: two and a half hours * two trips

Highlights: Morning & evening bird watching trek

As the daylight touches the land, you will come to realize that you are in the midst of Sinharaja, Sri Lanka’s country's last viable area of primary tropical rainforest. There is much endemic vegetation, wildlife, especially birds and more. Sinharaja is renowned for the Sinharaja bird wave where birds of different species fly in unison. Enjoy both a morning and evening private Sri Lanka bird watching trek lead by a naturalist guide.


Route: Sinharaja/Galle/Mirissa Drive: Four and a half hours

Highlights: Discover the Dutch Fort of Galle

Today you will be returning to the coast of Sri Lanka. We suggest you break the journey to explore the local wonders of the UNESCO World Heritage 17th century Dutch fort. In this maze of cobbled pathways lined by petit town houses, you will get lost, but that is the very intension. Continue south to the bay of Mirissa.


Route: Mirissa Drive: Thirty Minutes Boat cruise: five hours

Highlights: Dolphin & whale watching boat cruise (December - April)

One of Sri Lanka’s finest secrets is that the town of Mirissa, is one of the world’s best locations for watching blue and sperm whales as well as pods of dolphins. This is because the continental shelf is closer to the surface at this point and hence, it is more likely to sight the world’s largest animal in nature. Set off early morning on your expedition accompanied by the local naturalist guide – Anoma. Don’t forget your camera to catch their tails flip. After an exciting experience return to the hotel and spend the afternoon at leisure.


Route: Mirissa/Yala Drive: Four Hours Jeep Safari: three hours

Highlights: Evening Leopard Safari

Yesterday you would have had the chance to sight blue and sperm whales, two of Sri Lanka’s big five; today, you have the high probability of sighting the Asian elephant, leopard and sloth bear.

Your coastal drive will bring you to the Yala National Park, famous for the elusive leopard. Yala has one of the highest densities of leopards in the world. In the evening set off on a Sri Lanka leopard safari accompanied by a naturalist guide and with some good luck you will witness all these creatures and more.


Route: Yala Jeep Safari: three hours X two trips

Highlights: Morning & Evening Leopard Safari

Set out again on a morning and evening jeep safari accompanied by a naturalist guide to cover other areas of the extensive Yala National Park.


Route: Yala/Udawalawe Drive: four hours Jeep Safari: three hours

Highlights: Evening Elephant Safari

Venture to the depths of the island to Udawalawe National Park. Your night’s residence will be at the exclusive luxury camping site which is set up within the wilds of the game park and offers an all-inclusive service. To set the mood, embark on a Sri Lanka elephant safari in the evening.


Route: Udawalawa Jeep Safari: three hours X two trips

Highlights: Morning Elephant Safari, Elephant Transit Home Visit & Evening Elephant Safari

Relish your stay in the jungles where you will have unlimited time to take both morning and evening game drives. During the day drop by the elephant transit home for a more intimate experience with orphan or injured elephants rounding off one of the best Sri Lanka safari tours in the island.


Route: Udawalawa/Colombo Drive: five hours

Journey pass paddy fields in your return to the capital city of Colombo for any last minute shopping. Once at the comforts of your hotel, relax. If you have spare time, your chauffeur guide will introduce you to some of Colombo’s curious sites such the vibrant markets of Pettah or alternatively indulge in some shopping.


Route: Colombo/Airport Drive: one hour

As all good things must come to an end, your chauffeur guide with comfortable take you back to the international airport for a safe return journey

Alternatively, you could always soak up some sun on Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches which are as close as an hour away from Colombo.

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